Other Services

So much more than translating



We can put a voice to your videos, corporate voiceovers, documentaries, audio-guides, online courses, etc., in almost any language.

If you already have a product and want it done in a different language, first the script needs to be transcribed, then translated, and finally voiced over in the other language.

Terminology management

Working from the company’s document archive, we extract terminology to create multilingual glossaries and we manage databases to guarantee uniformity and consistency in all of the company’s multilingual communications and supports. To achieve this we have specialized computer programmes.

Audio Transcription

Transcription of audio or video tapes of conferences, presentations, lectures, courses, legal proceedings, product launches, etc. The cost of the transcription depends on the quality of the recording.


Checking of grammar, spelling and style. This service is mainly provided for Catalan and Spanish but we can also offer it for other languages.